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The Secrets of Oriental Perfumes

Oriental perfumes create an interesting and very powerful group of fragrances. It’s like getting a killer pair of stilettos. You put them on and feel the world is yours. The same thing happens when you use oriental perfumes. You are sure to stand out from the crowd as it’s the most different type possible. Let’s find out when it’s suitable to use such scents and which notes it can be mixed with.

How to get the best perfume with oriental notes?

In combination with other fragrance groups, oriental notes can deliver you totally different and even opposite scents. Go to PerfumeDor to see all kind of oriental perfumes at the best prices.

Many brands use these notes quite successfully. The most famous representative of the category is definitely Yves Saint Laurent Opium.

For instance, mix them with musk, amber, etc. and you’ll get a very sensual and warm perfume. You’ll get an absolutely feminine fragrance suitable for cold weather and special occasions.

You can also come across a mixture of oriental and animalistic notes. An exotic fragrance is sure to be memorable and bold. When mixed with floral notes, you are sure to get a seductive scent which is sure to be great for a date or an evening out.

This is a very mysterious category since it blends with ordinary notes and never fails to impress. The best time to use them is definitely fall and winter because it’s a very warm and intense aroma. You are sure to feel cozy during the cold rainy days.

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