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Steps for writing a beautiful melody for the guitar in an easy manner

What is a melody? Is it only a random succession of musical notes that are played one after the other or the most important part of the song that remains memorable long after listening? A melody is a harmonious consequence of tones that the audience perceives as a complete whole.

How to compose a great melody?

Writing a memorable melody is not a simple task, it requires necessary skills, insistence in materializing the ideas and considerable patience. The person listening to your melody doesn’t detect every single note, by hearing your tune he can see the whole picture of your inner state that you wanted to convey him. Creating a good melody depends on several important factors, including rhythm, instrumentation and other musical expressions.

Some key points that you should consider when composing a charming melody for your song are the following:

  • Construct a melody from the chord progression. You should focus on the chord progression rhythm and try to follow it. At this stage, don’t forget to change the note length of the melody;
  • Find the most appropriate way to get inspiration. Use different variations to diversify the whole melody and make it sound more interesting;
  • Put the finishing touches. Creating a good melody is a challenging process, but first of all, it has to be a pleasant and exciting task for you. So, if you stick into the searching a new idea, give you some time for the rest and then come back to your writing and evaluate your melody from a fresh perspective.

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